Barry Boswell World Banknotes

This list was last updated on 1st May 2015.
Catalogue references are taken from the 8th. edition of the Banknote Yearbook, with Duggleby references in brackets.
All prices are in GB Pounds.

TR1a  (T9)     BRADBURY         10/-  A/1 - first prefix            EF         730.00

TR1a  (T9)     BRADBURY         10/-  A/3                           VF/VF+     420.00
               A nice example; it has one pair of staple holes and  a round post office
               stamp on the reverse.

TR1a  (T9)     BRADBURY         10/-  A/5                           VF+        380.00
               This note has faded slightly over the years.

TR2b  (T12)    BRADBURY         10/-  K1/26                         VF+        380.00
                                10/-  M1/83                         VF/VF+     350.00

TR2b  (T12)    BRADBURY         10/-  A1/44                         VF         160.00
               Overall condition of this note is VF, but there are some pin holes, brown stains on the
               top and bottom edges and a split in the paper, about 1cm, on the top and bottom edges.
TR2c  (T12)    BRADBURY         10/-  C2/28                         F+/VF      250.00

TR3b  (T13)    BRADBURY         10/-  W1/8                          VF+        350.00
                                10/-  S1/65                         F          190.00

TR6b  (T20)    BRADBURY         10/-  B/3                           VF/VF+     360.00

TR7b  (T26)    WARREN FISHER    10/-  D/21                          F           85.00

TR8  (T30)     WARREN FISHER    10/-  S/35                          F           75.00

TR9  (T33)     FISHER           10/-  U/70                          EF         330.00
               FISHER           10/-  W/63                          VF+/aEF    280.00

TR10e  (T3,3)  BRADBURY         1    D/39                          F+         185.00
               There is a 24mm tear from the left hand side inwards along the horizontal
               centre crease which has been taped on the reverse.

TR10e  (T3,3)  BRADBURY         1    F28                           aUNC       780.00
               Looks like a note that was taken straight from the bank in 1914 and never used.
               It does have a small number  '38' penned lightly in the top right corner, and
               an oval bank stamp on the reverse.

TR14a (T11)    BRADBURY         1    M/20       p.h.               VF         285.00
               The above note has two pin holes, also bank stamp and signature on reverse.
                                1    E/67                          F          150.00
               The above note has a brown stain top centre and bottom centre and
               there is a small piece missing from the bottom edge.

TR16  (T16)    BRADBURY         1    D/21       p.h.               VF          90.00
TR16  (T16)    BRADBURY         1    E/66                          VF/VF+     130.00
TR16  (T16)    BRADBURY         1    G/52                          F+          75.00

TR17  (T24)    WARREN FISHER    1    P/61       s.h.               aEF         95.00

TR18b  (T31)   WARREN FISHER    1    D1/34                         F+          45.00
                                1    E1/98                         VF+/aEF    110.00
                                1    E1/65                         VF+         85.00
                                1    E1/61                         aEF         80.00
                                This note has a small amount of foxing,
                                 which is more visible on the reverse of the note.
                                1    J1/79      pin holes          aEF         70.00
                                1    L1/32      rusty staple holes VF+         60.00
                                1    P1/78                         VF          55.00
TR18c          WARREN FISHER    1    Z1/66      top left corner misF+          40.00

TR19b  (T34)   WARREN FISHER    1    W1/82                         EF         180.00
                                1    W1/85                         aEF        150.00
                                1    W1/- -                        VF+        125.00
                                1    W1/14                         VF          60.00
                                minor damage to top right corner


BE10  (B208b)  NAIRNE           5    96/B        5. 6.1914         VG         175.00


BE23  (B236)   PEPPIATT         39S, 45S, 79S                       VF+         45.00
                                13R                                 VF          35.00

BE24  (B251)   PEPPIATT         C94D,  L90D                         aUNC        80.00
                                Y94E                                EF          68.00

BE25  (B256)   PEPPIATT         10L                                 VF          70.00

BE26 (B262)    PEPPIATT         52K                                 EF/aUNC     40.00
                                48J, 87J                            EF          36.00
                                - - J                               VF+         22.00
                                51H                                 EF          36.00
                                41E,  56E, 78E                      EF          40.00
                                89E   close to end of series        EF          45.00
                                04E                                 VF+         30.00

BE28 (B265)    BEALE            86C                                 UNC         60.00
                                 --B, --C                           aUNC        45.00
                                20D, 85D                            EF          36.00

BE29  (B267)   BEALE            09A,  18A        replacement notes  EF         140.00
                                19A                                 EF         140.00

BE30 (B266)    BEALE            Z59Z                                aUNC        35.00
                                Z59Z                                EF/aUNC     30.00
                                Z02Z                                EF          28.00
                                Y--Z, K--Z                          aU/UNC      36.00
                                L36Z                                aUNC        34.00
                                Y67Z, U11Z, S86Z, R36Z, W34Z        EF/aUNC     28.00
                                O76Z, N93Z, M19Z, L--Z, H--Z        EF/aUNC     28.00
                                X--Z, W--Z, O76Z, L--Z              EF          22.00
                                O01Z                                EF/aUNC     32.00
                                M01Z                                EF          28.00
                                D07Z             last series        VF+         24.00

BE31  (B271)   O'BRIEN          B43Z, B55Z                          aUNC        24.00
                                C02Z                                UNC         32.00
                                A69Z                                aUNC        26.00
                                Z83Y                                UNC         38.00
                                Z49Y                                EF          22.00
BE31  (B271)   O'BRIEN          H--Y,  E--Y, D--Y, C--Y             UNC         28.00
                                W22Y, T--Y, N--Y, M--Y, E27Y        aUNC        22.00
BE31  (B271)   O'BRIEN          Z--X  first - sub series            UNC         35.00
                                Z--X                                aU/UNC      28.00
                                Z19X                                EF          25.00

BE32  (B272)   O'BRIEN          66A   replacement note              VF/VF+      50.00


BE33  (B286)   O'BRIEN          A41                                 UNC         14.00
                                A--                                 VF+          5.00
                                C35                                 UNC         10.00
                                J32, J58                            EF           6.00
                                B91                                 VF+          4.00
                                K--              last series        EF          12.00
                                various                             VF           3.50

BE34           O'BRIEN          M06              replacement note   EF          60.00
                                M02                                 VF          30.00

BE35  (B294)   HOLLOM           N94                                 UNC          9.00
                                N75                                 VF+          4.00
                                Z--   last series                   UNC         16.00
                                Z53                                 EF/aU       12.00
                                Z--                                 EF          10.00

BE37  (B295)   HOLLOM           30A   first series                  UNC          9.50
                                36A                                 EF           7.00
                                78J                                 EF           7.00
                                76K                                 aU/UNC       7.00
                                76K                                 EF           5.00
                                22R   last series                   aUNC        22.00

BE38  (B309)   FFORDE           --R   first series                  UNC         14.00
                                --R   first series                  EF           8.00
                                --R   first series                  VF+          5.00
                                24T                                 EF           4.00
                                - - W                               UNC          6.00
                                --Z   last series                   UNC          9.00
                                --Z                                 aUNC         6.00

BE39  (B310)   FFORDE           A--N  first                         UNC          6.00
                                C--N                                UNC          5.00
                                C--N                                EF           3.50
                                D02N  last                          UNC          8.00

BE40           FFORDE           M63                                 VF+          5.00


BE41  (B212)   MAHON            B35                                 EF         115.00
                                B40, D93                            aEF         95.00
                                F32                                 VF+         70.00

BE43  (B225)   CATTERNS         H43              First series       VF+         60.00
                                M53                                 VF/VF+      25.00

BE46  (B239)   PEPPIATT         E--A, K44A                          VF+         24.00
                                assorted prefixes                   VF          14.00
                                C69A                                F+          10.00
                                K63A                                aUNC        50.00
BE47  (B249)   PEPPIATT         A02D - very close to start of seriesVF+/aEF     25.00
                                A--E                                EF          24.00
                                A41H                                aUNC        30.00
                                A--H                                EF          20.00
                                X63D, J--H                          aUNC        16.00
                                U--E                                EF          14.00
                                J--H                                EF          14.00
                                B22H                                VF+         10.00
                                U57D                                VF           5.00
                                C01H                                EF          16.00
                                Z46D                                aUNC        24.00
                                Z--D                                EF          20.00
                                Z65D                                VF+         15.00

BE47A  (B250)  PEPPIATT         S09D  replacement note - scarce     VG          42.00

BE51 (B258)    PEPPIATT         S34A                                EF          38.00
                                S33A                                VF+         30.00

BE52  (B260)   PEPPIATT         S50A                                aEF         28.00
                                S93A                                VF+         20.00
                                S--A                                F+           8.00
                                S--A                                F            6.00
                                X--A, Y--A                          F+           5.00
                                X--A                                aUNC        20.00
                                Z95A                                EF          20.00

BE52  (B260)   PEPPIATT         A--B                                aUNC        28.00
                                A--B                                EF          25.00
                                A--B                                F+           6.00
                                C32B, C77B                          aU/UNC      20.00
                                B--B, D--B, E--B                    EF          14.00
BE52  (B260)   PEPPIATT         H--B  last series                   EF          25.00

BE54  (B268)   BEALE            K02B, M85B, O19B,                   aUNC        11.00
                                A--C                                EF          12.00
                                D74C, E28C                          aUNC        11.00
BE54  (B268)   BEALE            A45J                                EF          10.00

BE55  (B269)   BEALE            S--S  replacement notes             EF/aUNC     45.00
                                S--S                                VF+         20.00
                                S--S                                F+/VF       10.00

BE56  (B273)   O'BRIEN          C71K,  O25K,                        EF           9.00

BE57  (B274)   O'BRIEN          S- - Sreplacement notes             VF+         34.00
                                S- - S                              VF          24.00


BE59  (B281)   O'BRIEN          A--                                 EF          10.00
                                A88                                 VF+          7.00
                                B47, C73, D56, H23, L13, N70        UNC          7.00
                                B42, C27                            aUNC         6.00

BE60  (B285)   O'BRIEN          M32                                 aUNC        25.00
                                M45                                 EF          15.00
                                M27, M41                            VF+         11.00
                                M09, M29                            VF           9.00
                                M09, M29                            F+           6.00

BE61  (B282)   O'BRIEN          55A              first series       EF           8.00
                                20B, 55L                            UNC          8.00
                                07B, 20B, 45B                       aUNC         6.00
                                96H                                 VF+          3.00

BE63  (B284)   O'BRIEN          B30N                                EF/aUNC     20.00

BE64  (B288)   HOLLOM           E55W                                UNC          6.00
                                B37R,  C06R                         UNC          6.00
                                A--Y, C51X, D95S                    aUNC         5.00

BE66  (B290)   HOLLOM           29M              replacement notes  aEF         15.00
                                70M, 72M                            VF+         12.00

BE68  (B292)   HOLLOM           L--X              'G' notes         EF           8.00

BE70  (B301)   FFORDE           B--Y                                aUNC        20.00
                                B68Y,  B82Y                         EF          14.00
                                K- -Z                               aUNC        10.00
                                L23Z  last series                   UNC         24.00
                                L57Z                                aUNC        18.00
                                L54Z                                VF           6.00

BE72  (B305)   FFORDE           T67A, T11D                          UNC          7.00
                                N--D, S14L                          aUNC         4.50
                                N01D                                aUNC         6.00

BE76  (B307)   FFORDE           R67L             G' note            aUNC        10.00
                                R61L              'G' note          EF           7.00
                                R--B, R--L                          VF+/aEF      5.00
                                U17E, U19E        'G' note          UNC         15.00

BE78 (B320)    PAGE             X24L, Y--H, Y--J, Y--K,  Z--E       UNC          5.00
                                Z74B, Z07C, Z54D, Z--J, Z27H        UNC          5.00
                                Z--L             last prefix        UNC         10.00
                                Y01L                                EF/aUNC      4.50

BE81  (B322)   PAGE             AN11                                EF           5.00
                                BS33,  BW04, BY69                   UNC          4.00
                                ES--, EU--, HS55, HT--, HU35, HY28  UNC          4.00
                                HX77                                aUNC         3.50
                                HZ--  last series                   UNC          8.00
                                HZ--                                EF           4.00

BE82  (B323)   PAGE             MS--                                EF/aUNC      8.00
                                MS60                                aUNC        85.00
                                MT01                                UNC        120.00
                                MT01                                EF          60.00
                                MT--, MU--                          EF           7.00
                                MU15, MU18, MW16                    aUNC         9.00
                                MW06                                EF           7.00


BE83  (B337)   PAGE             A--   first series                  UNC          6.00
                                D30, D43, H26, H50, J35, K67, N29, RUNC          4.00
                                Z--   last prefix letter            UNC         12.00
                                Z--   last prefix letter            aUNC         9.00
                                Z--   last prefix letter            EF           7.00

BE85  (B339)   PAGE             48B, --C, --D, --E, 05H             UNC          4.00
                                64L, 11R, 43S, 06T, 47U, 69W        UNC          4.00
                                --Y   last series                   UNC          8.00
                                11L                                 aUNC         3.50

BE86  (B340)   PAGE             A--N  first series                  UNC          8.00
                                E39N, E50N                          UNC         12.00
                                E09N                                aUNC         8.00

BE87  (B341)   SOMERSET         AU--, AW--, AX--, BU--, BW--, BX--  UNC          4.00
                                CN--, CT--, CW--, CZ--              UNC          4.00
                                DS--, DU--, DW--                    UNC          4.00
                                DY21  last prefix                   UNC         38.00

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